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Friday, 15 November 2013

Carousel Collective/Thomas Mindhouse - The Long Half Day documentation on USB - coming soon!

At the beginning of 2013 Musicians from London and Brighton came together for The Long Half Day a twelve hour performance of free improvisation. Members of the Carousel Collective - Tim Yates, Benedict Taylor, Noura Sanatian and Charlie Sdraulig - were joined by Brighton based improv quartet Thomas Mindhouse - Chris Parfitt, Kev Nickells, Adam Bushell and Dan Powell at The Coach House in Brighton’s Kemptown.

Starting at 10.30am they used a mixture of their own instruments - traditional and homemade - plus found objects and anything that happened to be lying around and moved slowly and thoughtfully towards 10.30pm.

We at The Slightly Off Kilter Label are proud to be releasing the full, unexpurgated 12 hour recording of the performance on a USB stick with remixes and written and visual supporting material.  There will be a launch at London’s Rag Factory on Sunday 24th November between 7pm & 10pm with a chance to hear the group play again, plus playback of the remixes and a chance to see the visual material.  The USB sticks are housed in hand made packaging produced by the musicians in a diverse range of styles and materials.

Carousel is a collective of four musicians interested in exploring the possibilities of sound and music in new and imaginative ways.  Formed after a commission from the SoundFjord sound-art gallery to create a performance using an ‘object-based score’, they have continued to explore this area of performance and to extend it into collaborations and contexts that force them to explore sound materials in new way.

Thomas Mindhouse were formed to take part in the performance.  Chris Parfitt and Dan Powell work together in free improv performance / sound group Nil as well as pursuing many other projects in experimental and improvised music.  As well as exploring folk and traditional music and free improv - notably with Urban Myth and Vole/ViV/Baby - Adam Bushell is the founder and principal percussionist with contemporary classical group Tacet Ensemble.  Kev Nickells is a member of the Bang the Bore Collective as well as being a member of a number of improvising outfits.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Perm Mutations by Bolide - out now!

Perm Mutations by Bolide
cd-r  edition of 46
sleeve designed by F. Ampism
£6 incl. p&p

A collection of small groupings, solos, live artefacts, memento mori, phenomena, studio ritual, serendipity, phases of the moon, the tides, collage...

1  aramchek
2  sgeg
3  pieces of moss
4  ucks
5  salacious
6  as per
7 navagraha shani
8  a badger's estate agent
9  increasing pockets
10 desert mutants

Bolide is an electro-acoustic improvising sextet formed in Brighton, UK in 2007.  Originally coming together under the name Bolide Awkwardstra for a one-off performance at the Colour Out Of Space festival, the group has so far failed to disband.  Somewhere along the way, it was decided that awkwardness and poor spelling should no longer be a barrier to progress.  Bolide is not, and never has been, a youthful project.  There is no foreseeable reason for activities ever to cease.

"The music is all about free improvisation and the saxophone plays an all important role here, along with other wind instruments. It seems all inspired by free jazz, more than free anything else, but maybe that's because the wind instruments play an important role. Otherwise there is also the use of guitars, electronics and there is a bit of chit-chat around these recordings, which made me think that they were busking around, and took these recordings from the street. Perhaps not. I wrote back in Vital Weekly 835 about Bolide playing freaky music, played by freaky people, jamming together, all in the spirit of say Nihilist Spasm Band, which I reviewed last week. This band might be regarded as their grand sons. Maybe they'll be around for close to fifty years? Now that would be great, I should think."
- Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly on "Perm Mutations"

"A lot of reeds, tapes, percussion, vocal hollerin' and the likes are captured in mysterious crud-fidelity.  Come and enjoy this unseasoned brew."  -  Dylan Nyoukis of Chocolate Monk on "The Authority of Omar"

"The usual shorthand on Bolide is that they're a free-jam free-jazz mind-loosened collective, but their reach often goes beyond this.  It's not exactly anything goes, but it's not far off."  -  Scott McKeating, Foxy Digitalis on "Winter Triptych"

Saturday, 3 August 2013

copies of Noteherder & McCloud's "Dissembling" cassette here now

We have just taken delivery of  5 copies of the new self-released cassette by Noteherder & McCloud.
Recorded at the November 2012 aural detritus concert series at Phoenix Brighton, the source material has been tweaked and edited to fit the cassette format; N&McC state "...the end result won't be recognisable as the original event."

Edition of 30.
£3.50 incl. p&p

Friday, 24 May 2013

Blue Poles by Paul Khimasia Morgan out now!!!

Despite the fact its been on the cd player here in the office for a couple of months now, Blue Poles is still creating a lot of excitement in the TSOKL office.  It is after all the first full length album under the proprietor's name to appear on the label since its formation way back in 2001.

A varied listening experience taking in table-improv, field recordings, noise, no-input mixing board and other techniques, Blue Poles steps confidently into more experimental territory than Paul's last major offering; Empty Frame on Jez riley French's engraved glass label.  His son contributes vocals on blue poles (trending article).

There's embryonic evidence of Paul's current interest in voltage sonification on pneumatophores, while unexpectedly a guitar appears as sound source on the track more like the slow leech of ink through blotting paper.

Artwork by Paul Khimasia Morgan.  Edition of 50.