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LLUSTRATIONS - Grind Some Coffee download
Rubber Bus - Take It Easy download
Kaleidophon: - White Dwarf download
PMT - Beak ep download
DR:WR - Sci-Fi Morality Play cassette


sok077  RUBBER BUS  -  Take It Easy  cd/download  £7  NEW!

sok076  LLUSTRATIONS  -  Grind Some Coffee  download  FREE/name yr price  NEW!

sok074  RUBBER BUS -  Spaceman  download  FREE/name yr price  NEW!

sok073  KALEIDOPHON: -  White Dwarf  download £7 

sok070  DR:WR  Sci-Fi Morality Play  cassette  £6   LAST FEW

sok069  RUBBER BUS  Apollo 8 Dub  download £1 
sok068  RUBBER BUS  Apollo 8 / Apollo 8 Dub 7" lathe  SOLD OUT

sok067  PMT  Beak ep  download name yr price 

sok066  Far Rainbow  The Power Of Degenerated Matter  £6

sok063  Kuroneko / Upward / Stray Transmission  Waxworks Remixesss  £6

sok061  Brambling  Fringilla Montifringilla  £8

sok058  Kuroneko  Ritual Of Initiation  £6

sok054 / audet003  Jason Kahn  Thirty Seconds Over  £8 
"Kahn always knows how to surprise the listener and this cassette with live recordings is no difference"
- Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

sok052  Carousel Collective / Thomas Mindhouse  The Long Half Day  £12 SOLD OUT

sok056  Kuroneko  Ritual Of Invocation  SOLD OUT 
Thirty minutes of improvised dark noise recorded live at a London session.  Processed vocals, electronic manipulations and Moog synthesiser combine to unholy effect. 

“Powerful music that is of a darker and intense kind” – Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

sok049  The Static Memories - The bloudy vision of John Farley £8  SOLD OUT

sok046  Paul Khimasia Morgan  Blue Poles  SOLD OUT 
Nine solo tracks by Morgan, relaxedly running the gamut from field recordings to guitars, zithers, bicycle lights and papers of varying dampness. The pieces are brief, from one to seven minutes spread over 33 minutes and seemingly very, very casual, although I certainly can't be sure of this. But they raise the point: how to distinguish the happenstance from the intentional and, of course, whether it's always worth doing at all. The field recording from Nairobi that occupies the disc's first 58 seconds sounds randomly chosen, though pleasant while the ensuing cut features a guitar whose sounds seem pitched halfway between arbitrary plucking and Ellington's "The Single Petal of a Rose". The title cut has soft taps, like someone idly thrumming their fingers on a tabletop with nimb-ic hums and the odd squall while "objectssabrasion"'s flints, papers, tuning forks and foam rubber scurry about noisily and with good humor, causing a general ruckus. So it goes...It's the kind of music that, for me, works better when less concentrated upon, in which case, depending on the volume level (I've done from very low to room-disturbing), it integrates with the surroundings quite well or disrupts things with equal efficiency. I think, given my druthers, I'd have preferred longer tracks but, as is, "Blue Poles" is oddly ingratiating and gradually worms its way under one's skin, irritating and tickling in like ratios.
- Brian Olewnick, Just Outside

Curious, perhaps, enough, label boss Paul Khimasia, does something else, music-wise, himself on what seems to be the first release under his own name on his own label, since it was founded in 2001. Unless of course these pieces of field recordings are put together in a similar free jazz mode, which I doubt. Those field recordings make up however a part of this release, not all. The other part is a combination of instruments (zither, e-bow, whistle) and electronics (feedback, shortwave radio, no-input mixer) and acoustic, such as copper tubing. His work becomes more and more interesting I think. These nine pieces here are a fine combination of whatever interests him, and that seems to be a lot. A bit of pure field recordings, a bit of electro-acoustic sound collages and a bit of music. Other than the pieces which use field recordings, which are actually a bit more sonically crude than what is usually the case with this kind of music, his 'other' pieces seem more put together along the lines of improvisation, but it's all, obviously I should say, less free jazz inspired. It's all a bit crude, but it has a fine charm throughout. Highly varied, this gives a fine clue as to what Morgan wants, so a fine introduction.
- Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

sok045  Daniel Spicer  YLVMLVY  £8  LAST FEW!
Daniel Spicer is an artist who works mainly using his voice, as we have learned from his previous release on the same label, or his more recent tape for My Dance The Skull (see Vital Weekly 875), which I quite enjoyed. Here we have his sound poetry solo in three pieces, but in the other five he plays with other musicians, such as Tom Roberts on acoustic guitar and percussion, his 8 year old daughter Evie on violin and in two pieces, which last a total of fifteen minutes with free jazz groups. I don't think I recognized many names around here (Ron Caines (alto), Gus Garside (double bass), Andy Pyne (drums), Jeff Shurdut (alto), Hektor Fontanez (guitar), Derek Maxwell (drums), Gene Janas (double bass) if that helps. Spicer himself gets credit for voice, but also plays violin, trumpet, harmonica, bamboo sax, bells, gong and keyboard. Much of this is free music, again, obviously in the pieces with many musicians, but also in a small combination there is a strong love to keep things as free as possible. Lots of wind instruments here too, indeed, and that too makes this perhaps a bit too free jazz for me again. Words, vocals, voice, are all used in a similar free spirit, and not necessarily seems to be about something we should be able to understand.
- Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

sok044  Bolide  Perm Mutations  £8 OUT NOW!
Another trio of releases on the The Slightly Off Kilter label, of which the release by Bolide is my second encounter with their music. This is a six piece band from Brighton, formed in 2007, and originally they were the Bolide Awkwardstra, for an one-off gig, 'but the failed to disband', which is always a good reason for staying together, I should think. There isn't much information on the cover, about the line up, and who plays on which track, which would be nice to know, as the website says: "A collection of small groupings, solos, live artefacts, memento mori, phenomena, studio ritual, serendipity, phases of the moon, the tides, collage…" The music is all about free improvisation and the saxophone plays an all important role here, along with other wind instruments. It seems all inspired by free jazz, more than free anything else, but maybe that's because the wind instruments play an important role. Otherwise there is also the use of guitars, electronics and there is a bit of chit-chat around these recordings, which made me think that they were busking around, and took these recordings from the street. Perhaps not. I wrote back in Vital Weekly 835 about Bolide playing freaky music, played by freaky people, jamming together, all in the spirit of say Nihilist Spasm Band, which I reviewed last week. This band might be regarded as their grand sons. Maybe they'll be around for close to fifty years? Now that would be great, I should think.
- Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

sok043  Noteherder & McCloud  The Bottle Loose In The Drawer £8  LAST FEW!
"...refined build up, internal drama..."
- Frands de Waard, Vital Weekly

sok042  Various  Gold Dust  cd-r with full colour 8 page booklet   £8 LAST FEW
"a great release with some excellent music of an experimental yet varied nature."
-  Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

sok041  Best Left Alone  iamistherea  FORTHCOMING

sok040  Gimlet-Eyed Mariners  dark secret love  cd-r with 4 page booklet  £8  LAST FEW
"An excellent album packed with invention whilst retaining a real sense of familiarity, it felt both comfortable and new all at once.  It toyed with genres that all readers of this magazine will be very familiar with but in doing so it opened them up a little to a more contemporary exploration of their limits."
- Ian Holloway, Wonderful Wooden Reasons

sok039  Martin Preston  Vapour  cd-r  £8
"'ll want to initiate yourself with this release, 24 minutes of some of the most painful honesty and rawness comitted to disk."
- Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector

sok038  Daniel Spicer  engruntled cd-r  £8  LAST FEW
"...six separate poems over a single 34 minute track, often overdubbing himself, and adds some low-key non-determinate noises as backdrops to his voice.  Many techniques; punning with synonyms and Joycean jumblings, passages in Latin, basic and earthy "pastoral" imagery, many lapses into Anglo-Saxon cursing, with each unlikely tale enhanced with numerous grotesque and startling images.  Spicer is also capable of a non-verbal moaning noise, not unlike the improvisor Phil Minton, and adds even more unsettling layers to his bizarre tirades thereby.  Plenty of eccentric and black humour to savour too."
- Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector

sok037  Adam Lygo  The Girl With The Leopard In Her Mouth  2xcd-r handmade sleeve  SOLD OUT
"...wispy and wraith-like drone music, the lyrical content littered with images of dreams, mirrors, light and broken pictures of stark alienation..."
- Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector

sok036  Anthony Murphy/Adam Lygo/EMB  Blood Blister  5"cd-r + 3"cd-r  SOLD OUT
"Poetry and jet-black gothic darkness combine..."
-Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector

sok035  PMT  Frosty Lee / THFCKWT ep  cd-r  £8
"The first two tracks have the insouciant, druggy rehearsal room feel, while "Frosty Lee" is a more straight ahead free-form rocky jam with the kind of exciting live edge that almost makes me think I've discovered a rare 1971 heavy-prog underground guitar group to match Captain Marryat.  Nifty, edgy, vital playing throughout."
- Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector

sok034  Adam Lygo & EMB  live at the musicbar  3"cd-r  SOLD OUT

sok033  Ortolan  Fragments  cd-r  £8

sok032  Simon Whetham  undercurrent  cd-r  £8  SOLD OUT
"The collage of sounds is perhaps no more than we might expect from this area of composition, gentle blends of sounds coupled with sudden jumpcuts, layers of material building slowly and intensifying until suddenly shifting to something else.  The music is well executed and there is much to say for the brevity of the performance, not allowing the sounds to outstay their welcome..."
- Richard Pinnell, The Watchful Ear

sok031  EMB  Nyama Choma Diode  cd-r  LAST FEW

sok030  Best Left Alone  Do Not Listen To...  3"cd-r  SOLD OUT
" object lesson in how to improvise an unorthodox post rock album; locked-in math, darkness and evidence of craziness verging on the disturbing.  The last recorded evidence of this group as tradional rock instrumentalists; they promise their next efforts will map all manner of electronic weirdness..."
- Joe Candy, Honest Music For Dishonest Times

sok028  Honest Music For Dishonest Times #6  zine & cd-r  SOLD OUT

sok027  Paul Khimasia Morgan  Weird Futures  A6 chapbook  £2  SOLD OUT

sok026  David Papapostolou/Daniel Jones/Paul Khimasia Morgan  cd-r  SOLD OUT

sok024  Adam Lygo & EMB  EARTH  cd  £8  LAST FEW
"Long episodes of drifty and understated noise pour from their Roland amps, but overall this is no less deliciously turgid than the Liquid Metal Flesh two-cd sprawl..."
- Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector

sok023  EMB  live at club silencio  cd-r  £5  SOLD OUT

sok022  Daniel Jones/Paul Khimasia Morgan  cd-r  SOLD OUT

sok021  EMB  live at the gluerooms  cd-r  SOLD OUT

sok019  Best Left Alone Ensemble  sbj  cd-r  SOLD OUT

sok018  EMB  Pitch Elements ep  cd-r in handmade sleeve  SOLD OUT

sok017  A Middle Sex  Look  cd-r  SOLD OUT

sok016  The Surly Bonds Of Earth  I  (Neon Tolex)  cd-r  LAST FEW
"Bravely issued as a single hour-long track, Neon Tolex, this growling monster was recorded direct to tape in a studio with three guitars and a drum kit; it's an ungodly racket of sheer ugly delight..."
- Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector

sok015  Honest Music For Dishonest Times #5  zine & cd-r  SOLD OUT

sok014  EMB  tour cd (bubbles) 2005  cd  SOLD OUT

sok013  Adam Lygo & Paul Khimasia Morgan  Liquid Metal Flesh  2xcd-r  SOLD OUT

sok012  Honest Music For Dishonest Times #4  zine & cd-r  SOLD OUT

sok010  Yeborobo  I'm Magick - Gimme A Fiver  7"  £6  LAST FEW

sok009  Bela Emerson  Scythe ep  7"  £6  LAST FEW
"...remarkable sonic textures rub up against each other to the extent that I would say the instrument's true voice is unleashed..."
- Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector

sok008  Honest Music For Dishonest Times #3  zine & cd-r  SOLD OUT

sok007  Various  Honest Music...  cd-r  SOLD OUT

sok006  Adam Lygo & Paul Khimasia Morgan  Small Infinity  cd  SOLD OUT

sok005  Bela Emerson, Adam Lygo, Other Worlds  Diminish - 3 Recent Actions  cd-r  SOLD OUT

sok004  Various  Hilter Skilter!!! Slightly Off Kilter Volume 2  cd-r  SOLD OUT

sok003  EMB  A Monochrome In Warped Atmosphere  cd-r  SOLD OUT

sok002  Various  Slightly Off Kilter Volume 1  cd-r  SOLD OUT

Featuring Kaleidophon, Ian Helliwell, Doik, EMB and more.

sok001  kaleidophon  Music & Images  cd-r in hand-printed sleeve  SOLD OUT

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