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PMT - Beak ep download NEW!
DR:WR - Sci-Fi Morality Play cassette NEW!
RUBBER BUS - Apollo 8 / Apollo 8 Dub 7" lathe-cut vinyl SOLD OUT
Far Rainbow - The Power Of Degenerated Matter cd-r


TSOKL is primarily a home for improvised music.
However, we also release occasional Poetry Series titles by sound poets/experimental poets/musician poets and are equally as interested to hear examples of this.

TSOKL has a pretty full release schedule, but we will listen to everything we are sent and the very least we will do is discuss your submission with you even if we don't feel it is suitable for release on TSOKL, so please remember to include an email address with your work.

To submit material to TSOKL, please use this address:
97 Grand Avenue, Hassocks, West Sussex, BN6 8DG  UK

to join our emailing list, please use this:
our email address is:

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