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LLUSTRATIONS - Grind Some Coffee download
Rubber Bus - Take It Easy download
Kaleidophon: - White Dwarf download
PMT - Beak ep download
DR:WR - Sci-Fi Morality Play cassette


TSOKL is primarily a home for improvised music.
However, recently we have started to move toward a more leftfield, dub-tech area (eg DR:WR, Rubber Bus), although we place equal emphasis on an improvisational approach to this, rather than looking squarely at the "clubbing experience".  Certainly, analysis of traditional analogue dub techniques should be the focus here, rather than identikit DAW "chill-out" compositions.
We also release occasional Poetry Series titles by sound poets/experimental poets/musician poets and would be equally interested to hear examples of this.

Like most small labels these days, TSOKL has a pretty busy release schedule stretching 6 months to a year into the future, but we will listen to everything we are sent and the very least we will do is discuss your submission with you even if we don't feel it is suitable for release on TSOKL, so please remember to include an email address with your work.

To submit material to TSOKL, please use this address:
97 Grand Avenue, Hassocks, West Sussex, BN6 8DG  UK

Submissions can be on any of the following formats:  cd, cd-r, cassette or DAT.  We will not listen to files sent via email or via transfer sites, so please do not send them.

to join our emailing list, please use this:
our email address is:

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