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LLUSTRATIONS - Grind Some Coffee download
Rubber Bus - Take It Easy download
Kaleidophon: - White Dwarf download
PMT - Beak ep download
DR:WR - Sci-Fi Morality Play cassette


Now defunct Salford-based noise trio with previous on Blackest Rainbow.

Anonymous improvising musicians only recently discovering the joys of ramshackle electronics.

Chaotic Brighton-based free jazz supergroup.

Improvising duo of Dan Powell (The Static Memories) and Paul Khimasia Morgan.

Tim Yates, Charlie Sdraulig, Noura Sanatian and Benedict Taylor.

DR:WR (pronounced “doctor war”) is Karl M V Waugh.  He started using the name DR:WR when he attained his PhD and realised he could now legitimately refer to himself as a Doctor.  He has recorded/played with drone band The Zero Map, noise band Binnsclagg, under his own name and as part of The A Band with previous releases across various labels including Chocolate Monk, Apollolaan, Sonic Oyster, Ikuisuus and Golden Labs.

Long-lived solo electronic drone project from Ortolan Blackyatt that began life as a gallery installation soundtrack back in 1993.  Blackyatt has several releases on The Slightly Off Kilter Label, and music on the Hive Music imprint, Sequential Grapevine and The Sound Projector compilation English Wildlife.

Improvising cellist who works with amplified cello and loop effects.  By processing her electric cello, Bela Emerson produces a whole host of colours and textures. Improvising into a sample and loop system allows her to build up layers of melodies and rhythms that twist and weave through a number of distinct sections that make up each piece.  

Far Rainbow create vast neo-psychedelic slabs of gradually developing sound.  
Previous releases on Linear Obsessional and Zero Wave. 
"...a living, breathing pulse; throbbing electronics forming a simpatico bond with the crisp drumming patterns..."
- Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector

Electronic improvising duo of Michael Fairfax and Barry Witherden (both ex-Tapes + Ashes).

Daniel Jones is an improvising musician based in Brighton, England.  One third of the group Loris, (with Patrick Farmer and Sarah Hughes), and an ex-member of Tierce, (alongside Ivan Palacky and Jez riley French), he has had music released on the Another Timbre, Cathnor, Engraved Glass and Roeba labels.

Named after the production company responsible for White Noise's epic Electric Storm lp, these analogue enthusiasts have produced music for film, gallery installations and TSOKL's first ever release Music & Images.  A retrospective compilation is muted for release.

For many years, Paul Khimasia Morgan has been developing his approach to improvised music and has worked on recording projects with Simon Whetham, Daniel Jones, The Vitamin B12 and Adam Lygo.  He has performed with Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga, Robert Curgenven, Daniel Jones, Simon Drinkwater, Ryu Hankil, Patrick Farmer, Jez riley French, Seijiro Murayama, Daichi Yoshikawa and Simon Whetham.
He has releases on Con-V, engraved glass, Absence of Wax and Cronica.  His latest solo outing is Peoplegrowold on Mark Wastell's Confront label.
Paul edited all six issues of Honest Music For Dishonest Times zine and is the curator of aural detritus concert series.  He also writes for The Sound Projector.

Improvised dark noise from an unholy grouping, featuring Adam Lygo (processed vocals), Ortolan Blackyatt (electronics), Ruse23 (electronics) and Ed Pinsent (Moog synthesiser/Mellotron).

Anonymous grouping brought together by a shared interest in birdwatching, apparently.

Prolific noise/loop guitarist who has released over 40 albums through his own Hive Music imprint.  He also records as Invisible and performs live with MASS and Kuroneko.

Chris Parfitt (Noteherder) and Geoff Reader (McCloud) have been working together for five years in a monochrome haze of gnarled electronics and soaring soprano saxophony.
Their main interests in this project are: investigating the sonic environment they've made available to themselves, wearing grey suits and watching old detective films.
As often as possible they work with visual artist Bartosz Dylewski whose _minimalVector software has given them some distinctive dynamic projections and taken them to The De La Warr Pavilion, Aural Detritus Concert Series at Phoenix Brighton, The Shunt Lounge and Resonance FM.
Chris Parfitt also plays in Nil, while Geoff Reader is organiser of the long-running Spirit Of Gravity events in Brighton, UK.

Short-lived impromptu grouping of free players existing as a satellite of Alasdair Willis' Vitamin B12.

"PMT have taken the 1990s "slacker" attitude and turned it into a philosophy that guides their every musical thought and action...the kind of exciting live edge that almost makes me think I've discovered a rare 1971 heavy-prog underground guitar group to match Captain Marryat.  Nifty, edgy, vital playing throughout.  Added bonus - no effects pedals whatsoever as far as I can hear."
-Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector

Infamous 1990s dub reggae collective enjoying a new incarnation for the 21st Century.

Daniel Spicer is a writer, broadcaster and improviser based in Brighton.  He is a regular contributor to The Wire and Jazzwise magazines.  He presents a weekly radio show, The Mystery Lesson, on Brighton's Radio Reverb 97.2FM, playing new releases in avant-garde improvised music.  He is a member of the chaotic Brighton-based electro-acoustic improvising sextet Bolide.  Daniel also performs solo works of sound poetry, spoken word and improvisation.

Gus Garside on double bass and electronics and Dan Powell on software, guitar and electronics.

Chris Parfitt, Dan Powell, Kev Nickells and Adam Bushell.

Beginning his ongoing tour of the world in 2012, Simon Whetham is a well-known field recordist due, in part, to his UK-wide series of sound installations Active Crossover.  Extremely prolific, Simon's work has appeared on many labels including Gruenrekorder, Cronica, Con-V, Entr'acte, SiriDisc, trente oiseaux, Unfathomless, Dragon's Eye Recordings and his own Traceable Echoes imprint.

Mischievous young art-pranksters who cheekily got away scot free clutching the suitcase full of readies like Mr Pink at the end of  Reservoir Dogs.

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