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Friday, 24 May 2013

Blue Poles by Paul Khimasia Morgan out now!!!

Despite the fact its been on the cd player here in the office for a couple of months now, Blue Poles is still creating a lot of excitement in the TSOKL office.  It is after all the first full length album under the proprietor's name to appear on the label since its formation way back in 2001.

A varied listening experience taking in table-improv, field recordings, noise, no-input mixing board and other techniques, Blue Poles steps confidently into more experimental territory than Paul's last major offering; Empty Frame on Jez riley French's engraved glass label.  His son contributes vocals on blue poles (trending article).

There's embryonic evidence of Paul's current interest in voltage sonification on pneumatophores, while unexpectedly a guitar appears as sound source on the track more like the slow leech of ink through blotting paper.

Artwork by Paul Khimasia Morgan.  Edition of 50.