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Friday, 16 August 2013

Perm Mutations by Bolide - out now!

Perm Mutations by Bolide
cd-r  edition of 46
sleeve designed by F. Ampism
£6 incl. p&p

A collection of small groupings, solos, live artefacts, memento mori, phenomena, studio ritual, serendipity, phases of the moon, the tides, collage...

1  aramchek
2  sgeg
3  pieces of moss
4  ucks
5  salacious
6  as per
7 navagraha shani
8  a badger's estate agent
9  increasing pockets
10 desert mutants

Bolide is an electro-acoustic improvising sextet formed in Brighton, UK in 2007.  Originally coming together under the name Bolide Awkwardstra for a one-off performance at the Colour Out Of Space festival, the group has so far failed to disband.  Somewhere along the way, it was decided that awkwardness and poor spelling should no longer be a barrier to progress.  Bolide is not, and never has been, a youthful project.  There is no foreseeable reason for activities ever to cease.

"The music is all about free improvisation and the saxophone plays an all important role here, along with other wind instruments. It seems all inspired by free jazz, more than free anything else, but maybe that's because the wind instruments play an important role. Otherwise there is also the use of guitars, electronics and there is a bit of chit-chat around these recordings, which made me think that they were busking around, and took these recordings from the street. Perhaps not. I wrote back in Vital Weekly 835 about Bolide playing freaky music, played by freaky people, jamming together, all in the spirit of say Nihilist Spasm Band, which I reviewed last week. This band might be regarded as their grand sons. Maybe they'll be around for close to fifty years? Now that would be great, I should think."
- Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly on "Perm Mutations"

"A lot of reeds, tapes, percussion, vocal hollerin' and the likes are captured in mysterious crud-fidelity.  Come and enjoy this unseasoned brew."  -  Dylan Nyoukis of Chocolate Monk on "The Authority of Omar"

"The usual shorthand on Bolide is that they're a free-jam free-jazz mind-loosened collective, but their reach often goes beyond this.  It's not exactly anything goes, but it's not far off."  -  Scott McKeating, Foxy Digitalis on "Winter Triptych"

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