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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Kuroneko / Upward / Stray Transmission

In 2015, Kuroneko announced an open call for artists to remix their track "Waxworks" and in return, allow them to do the same to an example of their work.
Stray Transmission, (Nazar Ali Khan of Inner City Unit) and Upward, (Jack Chuter, author of Storm Static Sleep) were the first to take up the challenge.  Stray Transmission applies his trademark urban field recordings to "Waxworks", while Upward chart a free-Noise trajectory.  Kuroneko process Stray Transmission's Crossing with dark artifacts from their vaults of improvised sonics and reimagine Upward's Error of Judgement as an even more terrifying journey into anxiety and claustrophobia, as if that were even possible....

Kuroneko's Remixesss project remains open and anyone with an interest in participating should contact Kuroneko here:

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