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Monday, 19 November 2012

YLVMLVY by Daniel Spicer - Out Now!

Daniel Spicer's second collection on TSOKL, this time, as well as his unique take on sound poetry/spoken word, Daniel includes two live recordings of free jazz groupings including Ron Caines (alto), Gus Garside (double bass), Andy Pyne (drums), Jeff Shurdut (alto), Hektor Fontanez (guitar), Derek Maxwell (drums), Gene Janas (double bass), plus a violin duet with his daughter - scoop!

It has caught Ed Pinsent's interest and he played a track; Cake Shop Power Breakfast Jam from YLVMLVY on a recent edition of his show The Sound Projector on Resonance FM; you can hear that show here:

Daniel compiled and mastered these recordings himself and also provided the full colour sleeve illustrations.  YLVMLVY is initially released in an edition of 55.

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