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Saturday, 5 May 2012

sok042 Gold Dust compilation OUT NOW!

sok042  Gold Dust
Paul Khimasia Morgan
Michalis Mavronas
Neil Luck
Jon Aveyard
Marcus Leadley
Joseph Young

"On the compilation we find six pieces by six different composers, who played their concerts in front of sixteen people attending 'an intimate headphone concert celebrating the domestic soundscape'. It's nice that every piece is introduced by a voice telling what is to come and a bit about the work carried out. I'm not sure if you would want to hear that always. None of the six I heard of before, but me thinks that opener Paul Khimasia Morgan is the owner of the label. We also find Michalis Mavronas, Neil Luck, Jon Aveyard, Marcus Leadley and Joseph Young. Each of them has about ten to fifteen minutes to present their piece and there is a variety of approaches here. The electro-acoustic rumbling of Morgan and Aveyard for instance, the odd radio play/spoken word by Neil Luck, the synthesizers of Mavronas, the field recordings of Leadley and the kitchen sink opera sounds of narrator Young. Maybe the introductional talk works a but against the release, because you may not want to hear them all the time, but otherwise this is a great release with some excellent music of an experimental yet varied nature."

- Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

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