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Thursday, 6 October 2011


Their music covers a wealth of sonic and textural landscapes in their interactions, with an emphasis on logic and contrasting concepts guiding the overall shape of the work. The resulting sound is meditative and ambient at times, yet hints at free jazz and electro acoustic improvisational influences as well.

[Recorded Fields]

The starting point for composer Robert Curgenven's work is his Transparence dubplate, developed as part of the O'A.I.R. Artist In Residence program at O'Artoteca, Milan. The dubplate was created from feedback recordings that were run through the O' gallery space, resulting in a drone signal capturing the subtle resonances of the room.

"The best 12k/LINE release in ages, dark, Lynchian, eroded tape-loops and analogue menace"
- Boomkat

Both performances will feature the venue’s Grand Piano.

Plus an additional performance by

[con-V, emgraved glass]

Paul Khimasia Morgan's uneasy solo improvisations employ brass objects, dc motors, natural materials and his own spoken word recordings.

Tuesday 8th November 2011
The Friends’ Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton

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