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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Forthcoming for 2011

first up in the new year on TSOKL,
Gimlet Eyed Mariners a dark secret love cd-r

followed by 5 titles in our new Poetry Series (using the word "poetry" loosely):
Anthony Murphy/Adam Lygo/EMB blood blister 2 disc set (3" cd-r & standard cd-r)
Adam Lygo the girl with the leopard in her mouth cd-r in hand-made sleeve
Daniel Spicer [title to be confirmed] cd-r
Martin Preston chemical trespass cd-r
Paul Khimasia Morgan the marsh harrier cd-r & booklet

later in the year:
Sam Eden-Green & Paul Khimasia Morgan in faraday's cage cd-r
Best Left Alone iamistherea / Yvs cd-r

a release on engraved glass for Paul Khimasia Morgan

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