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Friday, 26 February 2010

Ryu Hankil, Jez riley French, Patrick Farmer, Daniel Jones and more live

aural detritus presents:

Thursday 18th March 2010
At Coachwerks, 19 Hollingdean Terrace BN1 7HB 01273 562658

an evening of improvisation with:

Ryu Hankil
[korea – Manual, uk - Cathnor] Modisti

Ryu Hankil was born in 1975 in Seoul, South Korea. He worked for about two years as a professional graphic designer. Hankil was a keyboard player in two famous Korean indie pop groups, but eventually left the groups because he was tired of typical music making and sounds. Then he started his own solo electro pop project, Daytripper, and released two solo albums, A Collector (2001) and Brownpaper (2004).

When he made Brownpaper, Hankil collaborated for the first time with the Korean noise/improvisation duo Astronoise. At that time, he saw a concert by Otomo Yoshihide, Sachiko M, Axel Dörner, and Taku Unami in Seoul. He changed his musical instrument and concentrated more and more on improvised music. Hankil has organised a monthly event called RELAY since 2005. He established his own publishing office called Manual, and releases improvised music and magazines.

Hankil uses clockworks as an instrument. He is interested in finding musical structures and so on in the vibration of objects. He focuses on using non-instruments--abandoned objects like old telephones and typewriters. FTARRI

Jez riley French

Jez Riley French is a Uk based artist whose work focuses on the exploration of detail via intuitive composition, extended field recording techniques and photography. Elements such as sonic architecture, audible silence and compositional arcs have evolved from French’s need to remain open to an emotive, intuitive response to situations and environments.

Patrick Farmer, Daniel Jones

“The slow loris, of course, is a notably sluggish primate hailing from southeast Asia. Loris, here, is Patrick Farmer (natural objects, e-bow snare, tapes, wood), Sarah Hughes (chorded zither, piano, e-bow) and Daniel Jones (turntable, e-bow, piezo discs, electronics) and if they move slow (they don't really) they're thinking fast, pace Wolff, and the results are gorgeous. Enormous range of sounds, very open feel. How to quantify except to say that the choices made, subtle to brutal (and there's a surprising amount of fierceness in play here) seem utterly apt. The various flutterings and spare piano that begin the second cut, "Sophie", for example; the way the e-bow (?) intersects them. Each piece unfurls at its own pace, each telling a lovely, sometimes harsh story. Beautiful work, highly recommended.”
- Brian Olewnick, Just Outside

Slow Listener

Slow Listener come from Brighton, but you couldn't guess from the music - he manages to produce a shockingly beautiful long-form pieces of hissing, degraded beauty which defies easy comparison although I guess the most obvious link would be to William Basinski, who shares a similar love for the slow and degraded sounds of old tapes. Slow Listener also has much in common with the Skaters (or side project Vodka Soap) or even Tim Hecker with the carefully harmonized clouds of gorgeous sound. Even the artist name itself gives a hint at what you might expect - this is slow music to be listened to slowly, you have to give it time and attention, you have to ignore the pace of the modern world for almost an hour and just listen. Cassette recorded drones trip over dense waves of tempered distortion and shimmering, hissing breaths - it is almost impossible to recognise exactly where the sounds are coming from but the source becomes unimportant, all that's required is the gorgeous sound itself which wraps us up in a blanket of alluring haze. Huge recommendation.

Paul Khimasia Morgan

Rubbed stones, manipulated dc motors and amplified small movements.

..nice poise, nice control; confident recordings... Almost half-finished music, but its good.”
– Audition, the Sound 323 radio programme

Thursday 18th March 2010
At Coachwerks, 19 Hollingdean Terrace BN1 7HB 01273 562658

please note: performances start promptly at 8pm
Admittance £5

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