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Monday, 27 July 2009


David Papapostolou / Daniel Jones / Paul Khimasia Morgan cd-r sok026
Edition of 30.

Available from Sound 323 or direct from us.

On this new release Papapostolou plays electronic devices, which he recently seems to have put to one side to focus more on playing the cello. Jones uses a mixer and turntables, while Morgan works with a sampler, wind chimes and other items.
The music is divided into three tracks that each retain a slow linear dynamic, the sounds used are mostly electroacoustic and have a grainy textural quality to them. Although there is not much silence to be heard there is a sense of calm to the music which here and there leads to some lovely moments. Near the end of the album, some nine minutes or so into the last track the musicians exchange lines of differing textures with each other in a manner that is as beautiful as it is hopelessly languid, with Jones (I think) delivering gently crunchy turntable sounds as the others let ripples and chirrups of electronic sound drift by in the background.

- Richard Pinnell, The Watchful Ear

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